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Here is my larger question (and why I wanted to put this in Spritual and not Training). I am interested in the process Thalib is talking about. I find great satisfaction in connecting what I do with my mind to what I do with my body. Drawback: In my enthusiasm, I keep collecting these really intense passions for these mastery-driven, detail-oriented, time-consuming body pastimes - from astanga yoga to rock climbing to aikido.
Wow, Deb, I really hear you on this one. In my ideal world, I would be doing about 1 1/2 hours a day of AiKiDo, 1 hour a day of Tai Chi, 2 hours a week of Yoga, and an additional 45 minutes to an hour a day of something aerobic (possibly to be combined with the Yoga). Let's see, that makes 23 hours a week of exercise if I give myself one day off a week. Ha. Did I also mention that I recently started to take dance classes.

People find their balance in different ways. I tend towards 'balancing' by wildly oscillating between extremes. This works for me because it gives me the freedom to put the time and energy into the things I'm excited about right now, rather than feeling crushed by an over-structured life full of a variety of activities that I've committed to. I'm sure that I pay a price for this because it can sometimes turn into dabbling.

The other thing that I find really helpful (and, of course, this may not be true for anyone else) is knowing where my central commitment is. Right now, that's AiKiDo. Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, exercise are all ultimately judged (at least to some extent) by whether they 'fit' or 'complement' my AiKiDo. Ideally, when I add a new activity it should make me feel like I'm getting more out of my AiKiDo and not less.

Ideally, this is true of my career as well. And my relationship with my partner.

Ideals are great as long as you don't take them too seriously, right?

Yours in Aiki
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