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I wrote a related story on another thread.

I spoke with a JuJutsu-ka last night, a friend, during another friend's birthday party. We suddenly got into talking about Budo. Now his perception of Budo is like, when somebody is taking a martial art taht is Budo. Like let's say I take Karate or I take Judo, then that means I'm taking Budo.

One can't just "take" Budo, you live it. I tried so hard expalining this to him, but we're on a different wavelength. It's not like when I am able to beat up a guy that tried to rob me or hurt me and call that Budo. It's not like I train day in and day out at the dojo and call that Budo.

Budo and Bushido is not as simplistic as that. They are very idealistic and so is Aikido. There is no "instant" in understanding this. It is a lifetime thing. I might not even get it in my lifetime, but at least I am on the sidewalk of that path anyway, lookin at people that are actually on that path, and looking at people that got lost in the way.

The more I understand about the martial way (Budo), it is more about preparing for death other than trying to survive. A soldier trains his whole life for a battle that may never come. The soldier lives with a certain code of conduct and attitude other than their training. Maybe when that battle comes in he maybe the first one to be killed.

The soldier that tries to survive using the sword defending his life caused by fear of death in battle will usually be the first one to die.

A good soldier lives by Budo, but that is too idealistic. Most just throw away parts that is a burden to them and teach the ones that are practical. Many take Budo as physical training like people take any understanding of martial arts. It's not like I'm saying they're wrong, it's a process.

Being human it is normal to train in the physical first until discovering that "wall". Only then if one decides to go beyond that "wall", one will start looking in inside of out. Budo is physical, mental, and spiritual. Training only the physical side will make one empty, training only the mental will make one theoritic, and training only the spiritual side will make one passive.

We are blessed with body, mind, and spirit. It is our responsibility to take care of them.

When I have to die by the sword, I will do so with honor.
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