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Lyle Bogin
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Please allow me to retell a popular zen story that I think is related to your problem:

A young woman approached a great martial arts master.

"Oh most venerable sensei" she said. "I have come to study your incredible martial art. I will train very very hard. How long will it take me to become a master?"

"I think 10 years," the master said.

"That's far too long! I will quit my job, and train every day for hours. Then how long will it take?"

"Perhaps 20 years."

"What? How can this be? Fine. I will leave my family, live as a monk and think about nothing but training. When a fellow student does a technique once, I will do it 100 times. I will follow your every word and never look back. Now how long will it take?"

"At least 30 years."

"The martial arts progress from the complex to the simple."
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