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Les Kelso Request

I am posting the following at the request of Les Kelso:

"John I can't get logged in to the aiki web for some reason..maybe they are asleep or something..i wanted to respond to the "erik" thread where he is questioning the veracity of Barb's situation....maybe you could post for me and tell them if they are dubious to call Midland College operator at 915 685 4500 and ask to talk to either Ann Leach, director of Kinesiology dept or Dr Will Morris, dean of Arts and Sciences...they will concur Barb's status as an adjunct faculty member and her current medical leave.

You might also mention that we would prefer to have no negative input of any kind toward this cause and if they have feelings of misgiving or doubt, we would appreciate them limiting their involvement to satisfying their suspicions with a phone call to Midland College. Monies given without full love and support simply are not wanted."

Hope this also helps alleviate the concerns.

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