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Bruce Baker
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Paradox or a pair of ducks?

Getting old really sucks, at least when that old body starts to tell you to slow down and you forget to listen to your body?

I am not sure I should get into this subject, partly because all the doctors tell me I should not be doing what I am doing in aikido, at least they have never had some one with my particular disability who has been able to.

Funny thing about getting old, you don't realize how it creeps up on you until the pain is almost unbearable, or the injurys accumulate to the point you think you ought to quit whatever is creating the injury, or stress. Yeah, it isn't any fun, but you know ... it is a lot less fun thinking you can't go to aikido, or get a practice in now and then than it is to nurse those injurys along and watch a few classes.

I wouldn't be so quick to toss practice, as modify practice so that it happens at a rate you can deal with.

Make a decision to use common sense instead of being goaded into trying to be the young unbreakable practitioner who can shake off minor injury, pains, and aches .... listen to what your body is telling you.

Ow ...Ow ...Ow ..

Me? I have cleared it with my sensei to sit aside when the room is moving while I try to stand still ... gotta get some practice in?
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