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At last, somebody started this thread.

Just for reference Fisher-san. I have a bad knee from torn ligaments thanks to my stupidity (this was way before aikido). Also, I have the flattest feet around, it's so flat not only that it's archless, it actually looks like theres a piece of skin protruding from the palm of my feet.

Actually what you are experiencing, Fisher-san, is not a paradox. It is a process. We all went through the same process. Probably not necessarily physical, could be mental or spiritual as well.

Physically is easier to deal with though. Just take it easy. You shouldn't be hurting yourself training, this is not sengoku jidai (the warring states era) anymore. We all have other jobs other than be soldiers. We have more choices to make these days.

But if we are talking Budo, it does not necessarily mean through training or cutting someone's head off everyday. The following should be payed attention to:
aikidofaq wrote:
  1. Yuuki = courage, valor, bravery

    Jin = humanity, charity, benevolence

    Gi = justice, righteousness, integrity

    Rei = etiquette, courtesy, civility (also means bow/obeisance)

    Makoto = sincerity, honesty, reality

    Chugi = loyalty, fidelity, devotion

    Meiyo = honor, credit, glory; also reputation, dignity, prestige
This is how you could practice Budo in everyday life.

When I have to die by the sword, I will do so with honor.
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