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Attacks During Demos at the Aiki Expo

This is a tough one, and I hope that I will not offend anyone. However, after going over the Expo tapes many times, it is clear to me that the demonstrations that seemed most forced were those where Uke takes a half hearted grip, then continues to hold on while the Sensei performed a technique. I'm not sure if I found those attacks dull, unrealistic, ineffective or what.

Likewise, those who only gave overhead attacks (20 in a row), did not score points with me. Stylistically speaking, the Yoshinkan and Yoseikan styles appeared to be showing their techniques from real, committed attacks. This I found most impressive.

I have heard some types of Aikido referred to as a Dog and Pony Show, because in some Aikikai styles and others, there is this forced demonstration of techniques instead of realistic attacks. I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

Aiki Marc
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