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Hi All:

Everyone has a right to question a request for help given the number of scam artists out there. Erik is right to be cautious.

I invite anyone to check out my integrity and honesty. I am a licensed chiropractor (doctor of chiropractic) in Texas and California and actively practice in Midland TX. I am the aikido dojo cho for Ta Ch'u Academy of the Martial Arts of which Barbara is co-owner with her husband Les Kelso. Barbara is one of my students. I have no financial interest in the medical fund nor the dojo. I teach for the love of the art and do not receive compensation. I have never been arrested, acused of fraud or even had a malpractice action against me in 13 years. The school is affiliated with AAA and I am a certified instructor through them and hold the current rank of sandan. Most of my aikido training was when I lived in Southern California. I have trained in Ki Society, a splinter group, and ASU schools as well as AAA. Please feel free to verify anything you would like.

In any event, this is not about me. I cannot do more to verify Barbara's situation than I already have-rights to privacy stuff. If you do not trust the situation or me then please by all means do not participate. My only investment in this is my time with no return.

My spiritual orientation is based on "reality" and removal of illusion in addition to right thinking, right speech, etc. Barbara's brain aneurysms are not an illusion, they are reality.

I thank all who are willing to take some things at face value without the assumption of an agenda or fraud. I know there are a lot of fakes out there; even in the aikido world. It's nice to see such aiki spirits.

Barbara is doing well. Balance and weakness are still an issue. She will need rehab for sure to help her recover some memory and focus skills as well as her legs.

Those of you wishing to send her cards can do so at the following address:

Barbara Bowen-Kelso

Ta Ch'u Academy of the Martial Arts

3402 Thomason Dr.

Midland, TX 79703

Dr. John Riggs
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