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Hi folks,

As Lan pointed out, he is donating a dogi set (made by Century) to the raffle. I wanted to thank Johnny for his contribution of his painted bow; have you a picture that you could send me?

I just got word that my friend Wiley is willing to pitch in a hand-made weapons case:

Also, Round Earth Publishing has promised either one autographed book that they publish ("Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training" or "Ki in Aikido") or any of the artwork featured in either of the books.

Lastly, Zanshin Art has promised some kind of aikido artwork, the exact details of which were promised for this weekend.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support (and questions!) so far.

Lan, Johnny, do you have an address to which people can send get well cards and such? Maybe your dojo address would work?

-- Jun

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