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Tim Harley
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Hey Pupeno.

I am new here as well. I like your thoughts on this. I remember early on, Sensei once used me for a demonstration - I was one of the largest students in the class. Anyway, he asked me to attack him. I replied, "How?" He responded with "Anyway you choose."

I attacked, but it wasn't whole hearted. He easily floored me. Then he asked me to attack with sincerity. I did. I was rewarded with some serious lessons in "blending" with the mat! At one point I decided that it was not even worth the effor to try and stand, so I attacked from the ground. He wrapped me up so quickly, had I been in kumite, I would have been in serious trouble. However, He never inflicted any damage on me and never once lost his composure.

I am 6'4" and weigh about 220lbs and am by no means slow or incapable. He was about 5'6" and around 144 lbs by my guestimation. I learned alot that day.


"There is no defeat in death. Death comes to us all. Victory comes in what we do with the time we are given now."
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