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What a hilarious story! I know that KIND of person but never did I imagine that that attitude could be so extreme in real life! They must have been joking! Nice of them to put themselves at the butt of the joke for everyone..
Iriawan Kamal Thalib (Thalib) wrote:
But if I was his uke, I probably wouldn't have been so nice. Because my responsibility as an uke is to let nage realize if nage is doing serious mistakes.
Yes that's of course true.. but the sad thing is that 15 punches stopping right at the nose is more than enough to get the message across to a normal person! I mean I don't consider it irresposible to not hit a person in this situation because showing that you COULD have hit him should be enough in my opinion. I mean if he is honest well then you have made it JUST as clear as if you DID hit him.. except you saved him the bloody nose. It is too bad that we have people that could ever make it necessary to actually connect with the punches and cause injury, just for the sake of getting the message across.

I know *I* don't need to be hit, in order to be told I was too slow..

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