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Bruce Baker
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Native American experience

I saw your comment about your wife being into the native american experience, and although I am an outsider at the moment, I do understand some of the stranger things the average person does not.

Some people have a talent to feel energy, or get signals from their body that are about as mystical as birds and animals evacuating and area before and earthquake or a big storm. Hair on the back of your neck kind of thing, wierd but not weird.

Seeing dreams that are not dreams but glimpses of the future, the past, or connections to your subconscious mind trying to communicate wants or needs, these little gifts are considered outside the normal realm of common european industrial society, or considered things only a medicine man/ womam are supposed to know or do. Well, whether it is because of a genetic trait, being hit on the head, an illness that opens another part of the brain that lies dormant in most people, it is no less weird than trying to explain how to use Ki/chi in Aikido.

Atheist? No problem. Witchcraft? Only applys is you are ignorant to miss the scientific application, or are too lazy to find the magicians trick. Second sight? No more complicated than having your teeth act like a radio.

Speaking of radio, why can't there be other signals in the universe besides man-made signals recieved by electronic recievers?

Sensitivity? Some people's bodys acting like antennas? Who knows?

There are many things that exist in our universe, but we don't always know how to use them, describe them, or even understand them ... but there they are. How long did it take humans to use or understand electricity, when lightning has been around forever?

My pet peive is the absolute faith that denys anything is scientific, and it is an act of God. Might be, but then who or what is God?

I am sorry for those who draw a line in their religious beliefs, or have the all powerful faith that denys everything that they don't understand as a reference to the great power of their god ... why the hell is it everything we can't explain is the power of their god?

Oh, Well ... another subject for another day.

The spiritual effort, the understanding of things beyond the physical explanation of ordinary everyday life ... these are many of the questions we think to find the answer to when digging into ancient texts, or even in practicing Aikido, as it it was a means to an end. In some ways it is, and in some ways it is not. We use the crutch to gain the strength, and we need the knowledge to gain the strength.

Like most experiences, you encourage others to try things that you have learned from, but until others experience these things, they can not understand the meaning of your words.

Maps? Guides? Signs pointing the way?

Oh, Well.

If I have learned anything from being married it is ....

never protract an argument with your wife, you won't win until she comes to the conclusion she was right and you were wrong, even if it means for her to coming around to your way of thinking.

It's those damn rules about women always being right, even if they are wrong, and having the right to change their minds to suit the need to let them be right....You just can't win.

Enough rambling.

First rule of self is to please yourself with what you think is right, if it is right, everyone else will be pleased too.

If it isn't, just do what women do, change your mind until it is right.
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