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Erik Jurrien Knoops (erikknoops) wrote:
Fifty years ago one good go on things on good faith alone. Unfortunately it is no longer that kind of world anymore. I hate to be the one asking the "nasty' questions, but how do I/we know this is legitimate?
Erik, I can understand your hesitation, but people and human nature have not changed much in two thousand years. You can choose to trust or not.

I have known the Kelso's for over four years. I also visited Barb in teh hospital last week.

Barb is also a member of AAA as well as the rest of the students in our school. Trust me she is blessed to be alive. I am glad to see the Aikido community pulling together to help them out. I have seen Les and Barb give of there time and money to help people in our community of midland Texas over and over again.

I will be donating a 5 ft bow I painted and decorated when I was injured. Don't know how much it will bring, but why not try.

Sometimes Erik we have to just trust!
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