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Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
His name is spelled S - E - A - G - A - L.

The two "gangsters" were reportedly unarmed.

The "New York Times" is one of the most reputable newspapers in the world.
1) If they were unarmed, how would Seagal know this??

2) IF he knew this, and decided to defend himself against a verbal threat, what would he do?? Sounds to me like he pulled an expensive "tenkan".

3) Being aggressive in any way to this family would be foolish. Seagal is not a dumb guy. Goons unarmed at the time or not, he knows the "family" does indeed have guns, and also knows that mafia guys have a habit of retaliation, and that a randori vs several real life mobsters with real life guns isn't very appealing, 7th Dan or not.

3) The New York Times is NOT one of the "most reputable newspapers in the world". They sensationalize EVERYTHING, especially when it involves a celebrity of any form.

C. Martin

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