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New Years Greeting

Hi everyone,

With the calendar year of 2002 coming to a close, I'd like to extend to all members of the AikiWeb Forums my personal best wishes for good health, good cheer, and good training in the coming new year.

The AikiWeb Forums enjoyed a great deal of aikido discussion with almost 22,000 posts and almost 1,700 new threads started in the past year -- that's more than 60 posts and more than 4 new threads a day! We also added nearly 1,000 new members in that time, too. Wow!

The AikiWeb site also celebrated its fifth anniversary this year and some great milestones including its 2,000,000th homepage view in November. Unveiled this year on the site were updated versions of the AikiWeb Dojo Search Engine which allowed for radius searching of dojo in the United States and easier updating/maintanance of dojo information, the new Aikido Seminars database engine, and the overhauled books and videos information and review databases. I'm also very pleased to offer the brand new AikiWeb T-shirts and "Aikido" temporary tattos in the new AikiWeb AikiStore as well.

All in all, I think 2002 was a great year for AikiWeb and I can only hope for greater things in 2003. I think you'll be excited to hear there'll be new features added to the site, hopefully in early 2003. I'm happy to be a part of this community and overjoyed to see the level of communication, sharing, and thoughfulness that has developed. I can only ask for all members around the world to join me in commiting to a peaceful year on AikiWeb and in our lives.

Until then, I thank each of you for your support and participation on AikiWeb. Happy new year!

Best regards,

-- Jun

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