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Bruce Baker
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What have you learned?

You know .... we all have storys of how we have practiced, and practiced, and practiced, and in our own eyes we have learned nothing of noteworthy description to tell others.

Kind of like the story about the young man who slapped a bowl of water day in and day out, went home after a time, and told his reletives he had learned nothing. When they persisted in asking the same question, again and again, he slapped his hand on the table and it broke into splinters.

Learned nothing, eh?

I guess it is the same for anything you do, and any position you hold in life ... you do it day in and day out until you are not quite sure why you do it until it is measured against something else, another situation in another context?

Well, that is how I feel about rank. Until it is measured outside of the dojo, used and applied to your life situation, it is not relevent. So, why should you dwell on rank in any phase of life? Unless you have a narrow vision that craves power without knowledge, let it go.

True knowledge applys to situations when you need it, and those who have knowledge never think or consider to use it for selfish means, if they are truly balanced in their minds and happy in their lives.

Herein lies the key to ignorance is bliss.

I think it should be, if you ignore selfish gains that force you to unhappiness, your life will bring you bliss.

Stupid simplicity is exactly the key we need to be happy, but being responsible for those more simple than we are is the role of responsiblity heaped upon us.

I don't know how many times you have been called upon to be responsible or a leader, but sooner or later it happens to us all, whether we want it or not.

Those of us who do not, try to find others who are either better suited to take over, or just let the fates find another who will take the lead. Darwin was somewhat correct in his thesis of natural selection, except he forgot about the sneaky bastard who hides among the sheep.

My opinion.

Be the big great leader, endure the pressure, the accolades, I want no part of it.

Life is too short to be bossed and led about by followers who demand you teach, or absorb the days of your life ... I have my own life to live, don't need no army telling me to teach, lead , or absorb my short time on earth.

You go ahead.

Get that rank.

Be the line leader.

Get your name in the big book of Martial Arts.

Let people bow to you .... fetch and carry you items.

I will be kicking back, strumming my guitar, and sitting in the sun ...

Oh, if you get free, come visit. Unlike you, I have time to do what I want, and think what I want.

I might see you at practice, but ....

Ain't no rank gonna trap me!
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