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Oh yeah one more thing. This guy at work showed us this thing that he didn't understand either. You need 5 people to do this. You put one person (the heaviest if you want) in a chair. The other 4 people stand at the guy's elbows and knees. The guy by his left elbow paces TWO fingers under his elbow (the outside or "point" of elbow). The guy by his left knee places TWO fingers under his left knee. The other two people on the guy's right do the same thing. Then you all try to pick him up out of the chair. You won't get very far. Then one person places their hand palm down as close to the top of the guy's head as possible WITHOUT touching it. The guy next to him places a hand on top of first guys hand (palm down) as close as possible without touching. Then the next guy does the same. You go around with this twice till you have both hands in the "pile" of hands. Make SURE they do not touch! If they do you have to start over. Then the person with his hand on top of the "pile" (He would have been the last person to put his hand in) takes his hand off, then the next guy at the top of the pile takes his off and so on untill it goes around twice again and every takes both hands off. (It should go in reverse order of the way they put their hands on, only take ONE hand off in a turn) Then use your same two fingers on the elbow or knee you picked up before and try to pick the guy in the chair up again.

What do you think will happen? The first guy we used weighed about 250 lbs. The first time we didn't move him a fraction of an inch. The second time after stacking hands this guy goes up like 2 or 3 feet in the air!!! We just stood with our mouths open. Everybody got a turn in the chair. While they were about to do me I got an idea to try the Aikido exercise where you "think down" you know when some one trys to pick you up imagine you are rooted to the ground. I didn't say anything to them because I didn't want to leave any "suggestion" in their mind. They could only pick me up a couple of inches. I weighed something like 175 lbs at the time.

I didn't give much thought to "ki" before this but that did make me think. Especially after the "thinking down" bit with the chair trick.

Has anybody heard of this chair thing or know why it works? Try this with some friends. If I didn't explain it well let me know and I'll try to do a better job. Don't "think down" till they lift you up one time. It feels very strange.

BTW these guys weren't Aikidoka they were just some guys at work. We thought the guy showing us this thing was full of crap so I don't think we were "expecting" it to work.

Any thoughts?
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