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Hey those are all great answers..I really like the duck and go behind. I've got a funny story of when I asked a "big bad shodan" the same question. He was one of those guys that thinks he has got it all mastered and Osensei probably could have picked up a few things from him. I didn't know this at the time though. This particular day he had this guy with him that was kinda of like his little groupie. Anyway he told me to use small circular motions with my hands starting from the inside and going out. Kind of like "wax on wax off". then he say's "here I'll show you!"

Groupie guy says, "oh no, your in for it now!" (talking about me)

Well I didn't mean for any sparring match to occur, little white belt me was just asking a question. But both of the guys there were getting pumped up.

"c'mon!" says shodan

Well I start giving him punch after punch about a quarter inch from his nose. Nothing fancy that anybody else in the world coudn't do. I was walking forward and he was backing up. Mr. Shodan's "circle blocks" never blocked a single punch! He was a little late or early on every "block". I'm not even going fast,like maybe 70 %, because I didn't want to get these guys too excited. I walked till he had backed all the way up to the far wall,so I stopped punching because I didn't want to cram him up against the wall. So I think the demo is over and drop my hands. As soon as I quit he comes and hip throws me.

"See?" says shodan.

"uhhhh yeah..that was great..thanks", says I.

"Wow! Coooooool!", says groupie with awe in his eyes for shodan.

I still wonder if Shodan knows he would have gotten hit 16 or 17 times in the nose....

These guys are in every dojo aren't they? lol
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