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I'm no hero

I'm not sure if I see anything wrong with hero worship, but I do have a problem with the logic. Cultures all of the world partook in human sacrifice, too.
Sorry. My reasoning was based on common sense, something that seems to be in increasingly short supply in this modern world.

Heros that come to my mind would be people such as Albert Einstein (who never finished college), Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Ghandi, and yes, O'Sensei. I would also include saints, sages, and Buddhas.

I might also include great sports figures who overcame adversity on and off the playing field, such as those who battled racial prejiduce Jackie Robinson, for one.

Lincoln, Gen. Omhar Bradly, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisinhower.

Sorry. I just got too many heros. The list goes on and on. One of my heros is even on this forum. He's an Army Ranger and he's probably in the Middle East as we speak.

The greatest hero I've ever known, was my grandfather. But that's another story.

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