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Hi folks,

I went and made this into a front-page news item with Lan's prompting. I hope it'll make a difference.

John, as Jonathan points out above, have you thought about opening up a PayPal account for this? It would probably make it easier for folks here on the AikiWeb Forums (as they're already connected to the Internet) to use PayPal to send donations.

In an effort to help, I'm willing to send the proceeds of the next five T-shirt sales ($75 total) to the aforementioend Barbara Bowen medical fund. If you're willing to help out, just head to the AikiWeb AikiStore, purchase a T-shirt there, and let me know either in the order or in e-mail at that you'd like the T-shirt proceeds to go to the Barbara Bowen medical fund. Although I'd love to be able to offer more than five T-shirts, that's about all I can offer at this point...

I'll post again here when we've reached the five T-shirts sold. I hope it'll be very soon.


-- Jun

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