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shadow wrote:
hi all,

Just wondering about this weeks polls, my instructor is a 4th dan and occassionally (me being a 6th kyu beginner) will join my partner and I on particular techniques. So the highest ranked I have ever been thrown by is hence 4th dan, without him ever needing to put much effort in or throw me very hard the technique still feels very powerful and I would love the chance to really test him on it (although I highly doubt it would even phase him). Just wondering what kind of extension the upper dans have and what kind of feeling it is to be REALLY thrown by them. Also if you've ever had a chance to really test them, by either resisting strongly or attacking strongly. I'm just looking for general experiences by anyone willing to share.



damien bohler

If the person is REALLY good they don't throw you, they simply take away your ability to stand up. You get that "floating" feeling. Second, before you jump these talented people at full speed, you may want to ensure you can handle that kind of ukemi. Remember, they will use your energy so what you give is what you get..........

Dan P. -Mongo
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