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Re: flurry of punches

Mike Iainttellin (locknthrow) wrote:
This is another problem that I have had. How do you deal with a flurry of punches? You've seen how people can go wild and throw every kind of punch.
According to what O-sensei said you should start seeing little pebble-sized glowing things right before each punch, showing you where the punches will go..... don't you guys see those? I suppose you could walk right in and irimi him.....

This is the problem that I feel is exposed sometimes in situations like the flurry-of-punches scenerio. The problem is that obviously ultra-fast reflexes will make situations like this a piece of cake, but hopefully aikido does not demand nage to be bigger, stronger, faster etc than his attacker, right?
There must be some solution to this problem that does not depend on superior speed.

I think we should all practice with this attack, I think some time with it would be enlightening--I sure wonder how I would do.

But we've heard some good answers--
-should have dealt with attacker before he
closed the distance for punching
-go for the legs
-enter when it is safeEST if it doesn't get
SAFE (entry timed to withdrawl of punches)
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