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No where in his movies does it say "Steven Seagal will be doing aikido in this movie. All aikidoka judge him on this and not his clips of him actually doing aikido at his school."
First off I really don't care one way or the other. His movies are bad but fun and as I have yet to witness his aikido in real life I'm not informed enough to decide wether I like it or not. But I think you missed Brian Pettit's point. He said:
It is not about if he could beat anyone up or not or to "use" his training. It is the fact that he is involved with this type of thing!
When Brian says "this type of thing" I don't think he is reffering to being in the movies. I believe he is reffering the possible connection with organized crime.

I don't begrudge Seagal the right to make his living from movies where he uses aikido/moviedo to rip off heads and arms, like I said they're fun. But I'd have to go with Brian and say that the link to organized crime brings with it a certain stigma of dishonesty.


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