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Here is my thought on this topic:

Part of the goal of AiKiDo seems to be about learning what our limits really are and, if possible, expanding them. We can do that my edging closer and closer to them from the 'safe' side, or we can push ourselves 'too hard' and find out where they are being realizing we've crossed them. Unfortunately, the second way is the way of pain and injury. It is the way of not being in harmony with yourself and not working with the you that you are right now. So, even if it seems more 'efficient' in some ways, I believe that it is ultimately less productive.

Just like beating someone in a fight may be a way to teach them a lesson, but I've come to believe that there are usually better ways, so I believe in myself (and in others when I'm teaching) that it is best to work with the limits we feel and not against them.

Yours in Aiki
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