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Bruce Baker
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seeing is believing

As skeptics we do tend to work with words as abstract thoughts until we experience something unknown, then give it a term we can associate with the phenonmenon, such as Ki.

Let me put it this way, how many types of electricity are there?

AC current, DC current, Static electricity, RF waves that interfere with our radio signals, and of course that strange manifestation, human body electricity or bio-mechanical energy that drives the human body. Lets not even get into the lightning, Aurora Borealus, and other natural electrical phenonmenon found in nature.

The fact that certain individuals can direct this polarity to particular areas, either through mental concentration or keying on a thought to prompt a reaction, should not be so far fetched.

Static electricity? Ye-ouch! Although it is pretty neat for sticking balloons on the ceiling by rubbing them on a wool sweater or your hair. Magic? Hocus Pocus? No more than finding the uses and ways to use the electrical energy that surrounds us, is in us, the same that gives men / women a difference in polarity.

It is fine to be a skeptic, skeptics make great scientists .... so we really can find out what the heck Ki is from and how we can use it.

As far as our perception of this mystical force? Well ... maybe it is no more mystical than starting fire by learning to rub two sticks together to make fire. Some people don't get it.

Isn't that why God made matches, butane or Zippo lighters, propane self igniting torches, and other such conveniences?

Then again some people can light that fire using them old sticks?

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