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Bruce Baker
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Push or is it pull?

Push someones buttons?

Yank the chain so hard you give the other person whiplash?

Everyone draws a line at how far they will go to train.

One of the new guys walked out the other day, because no teachers showed up, so we went though our drills with Bokken and Jo as not to have throws without a teacher present ... insurance and the policy of our host, the Saint Francis Community Center where we train.

I asked my daughter why he left, and she said that he doesn't like weapons training, and since a teacher didn't make the class, he might as well go on his way.

Was practicing what we normally go through with our Sensei beyond his limit, his line of how far he would go to practice Aikido? Maybe.

I have a shorter line as to how far I will go to train ... physical limitations.

How far will I go?

Until the room spins, my guts are waving like an angry sea, or until I am a danger to myself an others ... which these days ain't as far as it used to be. Do I push people beyond their limits? I would like to think I don't, since I have trained dozens of teenagers over the years in Vocational Tech for Marine Trades who came to work in the after school programs. Not quite the same as Aikido, but teaching is a variation of experience, and knowledge.

How far is that line?

I would think ... most of us invite others to do practice better than we can so we can go back to plain old practice, which is why most of us like to do rather than teach.

Push someone over the line?

I guess that would depend if you are measuring either mental fatigue, physical fatigue, or plain old common sense of knowing when to say "NO."

The line? Know when to say 'NO'.

I don't blame the fella for leaving, but I would have thought his line was a lot farther than where he drew it that day.

... but that is life.
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