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Lan Powers
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RE: Aikidoka in dire straits

Hi folks.......I have some additional info to go with this..
Hello folks....This is an apeal to the community at large for help with the tremendous expenses incurred with the recent nuero-surgery of Barbara Bowen.
Barbara is the sabumnim(sp?) of the Ta Chu martial arts academy in Midland TX.
co-owner with her husband they have offered training for all ages in a healthy and pleasant environment.
Several days ago Ms. Bowen suffered a major anuerism in her central brain area, deep between the two hemispheres and is in a severely life-threatening situation.
They have no insurance, and are facing a minimum of $100,000 in expenses.
a fund has been set up for their help at..,
Barbara Bowen medical fund
Acct.# 29611
1'st Nat'l Bank
123 Colorado St.
Midland TX 79701
(915) 686-0044
c/o Robin Richey

Donations can be mailed to this address or contact through the phone no. will probably setup an on-line payment method (pay-pal etc.) I will try to set this up in the next few days if they can accept e-payments, back with more info as available.
Thank you

Additional info for the sending of Cash to this account.
According to Robin Richey:
wire transfers from your bank..or
Any straightforward transfer from your account to theirs, if you use the 1'st nat'l Bank.........or
any are acceptable if they include this routing number for the transaction
Acct number is 29611

Thanks, Lan
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