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Jeff Tibbetts
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what a great post© By establishing yourself as a skeptic you give your story so much more credibilty© First off, let me say that I don't see that much difference in the first paragraph between what you think Ki is and what you think makes a technique effective© Is not hanme, posture, balance and timing a way to make sure that your Ki is able to work properly? I think that this is a semantics issue, Ki is when all those things come together and the technique works, if you want to think that's not spiritual than don't, but you'll get the same results© What you're talking about in the second paragraph is what you were thinking Ki should be© Well, there's a trick here© Ki is a great many things, one of those is a direct sort of psychic ability, which was clearly what was happening in your case© There is one parrallel that I can draw to something that I expierienced© I used to go to Rennaissance Festivals when I was kid, and there was this one booth called Angel Swrod that made the most amazing western weapons I've ever seen© The booth owner used to do demonstrations, one of which involved a large two-handed broadsword© He would tell you to hold out your hand and close your eyes, then he would point the sword and various places of your body, and you could FEEL it, it was really creepy© He would just say "where is it?" and you would know© He could do this to your back as well, and even those who said they couldn't feel it could at least feel it in the palm of their hand© I still don't know why this worked, other than maybe air pressure changes or something, but you could just as easily call it Ki©

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