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I have felt Ki only once


I have always been a serious skeptic when it comes to the common theme floating around Aikido dojos where Ki is described as that intangebile unseeing entity which makes a good technique into a great technique. I have always felt that great technique is a result of proper hamni, balance, physics and breaking of uke's balance. I still believe firmly that this is the case however...

I did experience the unexplainable once...which I can only explain as some manifestation of Ki energy. A number of years back I was cross training my Aikido at a dojo outside of my home school. I would visit this school from time to time and was impressed with the instructor's ability. At the time he was godan. His techniques did not seem as dynamic as what I was used to, but he had a sense of real focus and charisma on the mat... and seemed to control his uke's quite well...especially his pins...very unorthodox, but extremely effective. Anyways, he called me up one day to demonstrate a technique. It was a variation of an irmi kokyu throw from a static grab. He entered in the traditional katate dori irmi nage (entering behind uke) and took my balance, one hand extending my grabbing hand and the other gently controlling my kneck. He paused and turned to the students in attendence and began to explain the following. While keeping control at my neck with his one hand, he lowered his other and took his free hand. As I could not see what he was doing, but only heard him describe it to the students, He waived his hand below and from the lower part of my back up just below the lower back a number of times - right around the base of the spine. As he did this he said that uke should be feeling a tingling, almost light and lifting sensation.
And damned if I didn't feel exactly that...a light tingling sensation which made me want to float or move...I was amazed, and bewildered...for this is nothing that I have ever experienced before, neither before or since in any training - Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, or any other activity. He finished the throw and that was the end of the demonstration. I never got the opportunity to ask him more about this, and no longer visit his dojo.

Has anyone felt something like this before? This, for me, is the truest form of Ki that I have been able to witness. I am still a skeptic on Ki, but ever since that day I have trained with an open mind.
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