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In reply to your post, Tibbetts-san,

I really do know what you mean about selecting the people you "share your mind with". Some may take it the wrong way and get offended. Here, it is even more extreme, some of my point of views could be perceived as herecy, which makes me a heretic.

Even though I do not want to, I do get selective. Not that I do it on purpose, it's more like instinctual. I need to break that barrier, and able to communicate with anyone.

I can't stand idle chit-chat. Joking around is not a problem. But, conversation for the sake of making conversation, that is not me. When I'm having a conversation, there must be a purpose to this, not just idle chit-chat. That's why I do not make a good host nor a good salesman.

My mother always tells me that I'm anti-social, but that is not the case. If I don't feel like talking, then I won't speak. I'd rather stay silent than saying something that I might regret later on. When there is a purpose to the conversation, when that connection is made, I could go on until the sun rise the next day.

My parents understand me a little bit more now. The lessons I've learned while practicing Aikido have helped me communicate better. It's not good yet, but it's better. There still so much to learn.

The art of communication, something that I will be learning for the rest of my life. Actually, I'm going to write about the application of Aikido in communication for my shodan test essay. Come to think of it... it's due in less than 2 weeks.

Man... there are things that I'll never learn...

Well, I better start writing...

Thanks for the inspiration...

When I have to die by the sword, I will do so with honor.
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