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its great to hear that you thoughts are changing and in my opinion evolving.

the other day on the phone to a very dear friend of mine who lives in japan who i thought would be the last person to have a turn around has come to some similiar points of view as me and as you. it brought me great joy to hear him speak with interest about what is considered spirituality.

i have found that in both his case and my own, the quest into alternate eastern thoughts developed with a great dissatisfaction with the world around me and with the materialistic attitudes of many. for a long time i felt depressed and pointless, now upon reflection and a change in my thinking i find great reassurance and even some meaning for my own life.

i am curious, what brought about this change or development in your thoughts?

if you are finding it hard to discuss with others, dont worry. spirituality is a very personal thing for everyone and it is very hard to share with people and for others to share with you. some people can be quite discomforted by talking about it and reactions can vary.

i have been raised from a buddhist background and i personally find it very hard to discuss with my father particular aspects of spirituality as i get quite annoyed with him.

anyways all the best.

sorry about my long post, i know the longer the post the less likely it is to be read.

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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