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Bruce Baker
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spirituallity and neccessity

Within each of us is the neccessity of finding balance so we are able to function in society without being a danger to ourselves or other.

The history of humanity proves that we do some pretty stupid things, and we create some awefully strange conditions that artificially support the human psyche to find this balance.

This is the complexity of finding or denying spirituality. We create a set of standards, practices, logic, and beliefs to balance and soothe this individual psyche.

The bottom line being, so long as you are not a threat to yourself or others, work within the morals of present society without endangering that society, you have a right to believe and live as you choose. Too simple?

You know ... anyone can complicate simplicity but making something complicated simple to understand, now there is a challenge.

With this simple set of guidelines, you can pretty much understand why people of different cultures have a variety of differences in their culture, beliefs, and why the problems of common life overcome our understanding of how to live in world with so many problems. Well ... we can't, not without some kind of firewall, to use a computer term, so that we can insulate ourselves from problems that would overwhelm us, create turmoil ... imbalance.

Sometimes I think we should have someone write reports on some of the threads we have in forums so we can have the readers digest of subjects discussed, and the best quotes from each discussion for future reference. It sure would save on recovering subjects year after year, although referencing previous information would allow us to see the progression of change in the forum posts ...

Oh, well.

If you deny religion, then you have it because you are denying something you have knowledge of, so I consider atheists some of the most religious people on earth. They are the first ones to 'Swear to god' when they think they will die, or some unbelievable miracle occurs.

Never mind.

It appears you have done much of the basic legwork in researching religion, you need to add in the psychological factor for humanitys well being, and you will have your answer.

Whether it is blind religious, or scientific religious, or merely socially educated to be polite to other human beings, all the explanations for religions are based upon two factors.

One: we need to balance the human psyche to be in harmony, or have balance.

Two: We learn everything we know from our experience and perception of our world, our universe, our life's experience.

How we decypher the data, the thoughts of the human we are, well that determines how we view religion, spirituality, and how we determine what that living being wants to be.


Well, I don't have a photographic mind so I can't give you a scientific report that will satisfy everyone who reads this. How you find ways to apply what I think is right, well ... my opinion, my experience, you can use some of it, or find your own balance?

So long as we play nice, we should be able to find answers that work.

If I seem to be wandering, my little eyes are going to sleep. I will get back to you later.

Sorry if I was vague, but in my experience, the words seemed perfectly clear.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... quiet .... I'm sleeping.
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