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Were I to give your list according to the conventions for giving the kun and ON readings for Chinese characters, I would do so as below:


m - JIN

` - GI


- makoto

'` - CHUU-GI

--_ - MEI-YO

'Makoto' is a Japanese word, which can be written in Chinese kanji in any one of 35 different ways (25 of which appear in my computer's ATOK dictionary). The character that you gave and the alternative I gave are those that are used in p, the characters approved by the Japanese government for everyday use.

Thus can be read as 'imashimeru' (to admonish, warn, prohibit) and has the ON reading of SEI. The way the character is read depends on the right-hand radical. SEI-CHUU, for example (with one of the characters appearing in your list) means 'true loyalty'. ^ can also be read as SHIN. Shingon, the 13th century Buddhist sect, of which the Founder was a member, is written as ^. The character means 'true' (both as in fact and also in sincerity).

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