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Re: Kanji for the seven pillars of budou

Iriawan Kamal Thalib (Thalib) wrote:
I've been exploring the meaning of the seven hakam pleats. I found many sources. There are sources explaining that there are only five pleats. And there are sources that explains the seven pleats differently.

Anyway, for this post, I'm taking the meaning from what was posted in AikidoFAQ. I need to know if I got the kanji correct for each pillars:

EC - yuuki

m - jin

` - gi

- rei

- makoto

'` - chuugi

--_ - meiyo

Thank you in advance.

I really want to explore more on the seven pillars of budou. Are there good resources/materials I could refer to online or even offline (such as books)?
All the characters and readings are correct, though makoto can also be written as ^. Actually, most of the terms are given in Japanese literature as keywords for bushido.

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