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Aikido is not something that I feel I will grow out of, but I do feel I will grow intoŠ
I really liked this sentence. I also thought about the thread that's been going on recently discussing why black belt's seomtimes leave AiKiDo. In that thread I took the 'opposing' point of view and said that just as people come to AiKiDo when that is where their path takes them, they leae when their path takes them somewhere else. This isn't 'bad' (although it can be sad for those of us who stay). Often, it is more fruitful to see the wisdom and joy that they find in being open to the unexpected places their path takes them, then to bemoan their inability to see what AiKiDo could provide (or berate our inability as AiKiDoka to provide it).

Not too long ago, the main Ninjitsu teacher in Israel, who had hundreds of students and is an interesting, kind, and deep man, made the transition from Ninjitsu to Feldenkrais full time and dropped out of the Martial Arts world.

Always be open to your own need to look around and grow to places you would not have thought possible.

At least, that's my take.

Yours in Aiki
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