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Jeff Tibbetts
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Kevin, well said© I think that by westerners have the mentality that something simply is or isn't© You can't have something that's like a religion in purpose or function but isn't a religion in the sense of doctrine or dogma© We all have an idea of what we think religion should be or actually is, and most Eastern religions/philosophies do not easily fit into our pidgeonholes© I consider Aiki to be a state much as Thalib says, where one is connected to everything else, wether on a personal or cosmic scale© I don't really think of Aikido or Ki as a religion as there is not connotation of "you should do this and this and not this" involved with it© You may decide that you don't want to do one thing or another based on the awareness that being connected can bring you, but you aren't given a set of commandments written in stone that quantify what Ki or Aiki is© Quite the contrary, in reality© We are all given the tools to expierience Aiki, and what we do with it is for us to decide which makes it that much more valuable and meaningful© That's just my opinion, but I think that it's a core difference with western religions© Of course on the level of interpretation, many people would certainly define Buddhism as a religion in it's present form as it does tend to carry messages of morality or codes to live by© Shinto is entirely different and I think more related to Aiki because of those differences©

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