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Well Opher, in short, yes i was young and in the wrong place i guess, (local collage bar), these 5 guys walk in with girls and kinda push through the people at the bar where my friend and i were, i think one of us bumped him and one guy turns around and just looks at us two, my friend was twice my size so the guy punches him just like that none of the, "dude! i'm gona kick your___" just starts punching ,what ever, all of his buddies start in on him too, he held his own for a second or two but i had to help, well i did not only use aikido , also had to invoke some of that atemi i learned in my kenpo style days, this was years ago by the way, but they did start it and the only way to get outta there was with force, eventually their girlfriends jumped at me too , i guess they got tired of their boyfriends getting pushed around and,,,well you know,,, I don't go to bars any more by the way. and know i did not hit the girls...

they even called the cops on me after the fact because one of them had to go get stitched up after, i had everone in that place swear they started it and i just did enough to get out, I hate that it happened...

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