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Lan Powers
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Aikidoka in dire straits

Hello folks....This is an apeal to the community at large for help with the tremendous expenses incurred with the recent nuero-surgery of Barbara Bowen.
Barbara is the sabumnim(sp?) of the Ta Chu martial arts academy in Midland TX.
co-owner with her husband they have offered training for all ages in a healthy and pleasant environment.
Several days ago Ms. Bowen suffered a major anuerism in her central brain area, deep between the two hemispheres and is in a severely life-threatening situation.
They have no insurance, and are facing a minimum of $100,000 in expenses.
a fund has been set up for their help at..,
Barbara Bowen medical fund
Acct.# 29611
1'st Nat'l Bank
123 Colorado St.
Midland TX 79701
(915) 686-0044
c/o Robin Richey

Donations can be mailed to this address or contact through the phone no. will probably setup an on-line payment method (pay-pal etc.) I will try to set this up in the next few days if they can accept e-payments, back with more info as available.
Thank you
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