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Hi Glen!

Concider this: A man writes a book. A couple of hundre people reads this book. Some of them once some of them twice and some of them even more times. One day the author dies and all the copies are burned. Each of the readers starts to rewrite the book - each from their own understanding of the book and each adding their own small extras. Some claim they have made an exact copy, some claim they have bettered the book and some claim they have left out passages that either didn't work, had no mening or was of no interest to them.

All the books might be great litterature, some of them even great art and they will certainly have a lot in common with the original book - but not two of them will be completely identical to each other or to the original.

Aikido is in a constant state of development. I think, that most people in Aikido agree that sticking to one interpretation of what 'true Aikido' is would prevent Aikido from fulfilling one of it's main purposes which is to be adapted to the world of the current time. Aikido changes with time and with each and everyone who practices Aikido. Your own conception of Aikido is probably unique in this wide world but in a manner just as valid as anybody elses.

A teacher once said to me (in fun) that the time your Aikido is the very best is when you enter the dojo the first time, because you at that point haven't learned anything wrong yet. From that point it is just one long hard job to try and weed out the errors - little by little gettig you closer to a goal you will never reach. A rather gloomy view - ehh ?

Hope this helped.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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