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Brian Pettit wrote:
It is not about if he could beat anyone up or not or to "use" his training. It is the fact that he is involved with this type of thing!

He is a HORRIBLE representative for Aikido or any martial arts. The fact that he is a 7th Dan makes it that much worse! His character is the question here! Not about his movies or his ability to kick ass. He is embarrassing to Aikido.

The person is the problem for all of us.

Why is he embarrasing to aikido? Do you think the late Doshu Ueshiba would have awarded Seagal sensei his 7th dan in 97 if he thought his aikido was not good or that he was an embarrasment to aikido? No where in his movies does it say "Steven Seagal will be doing aikido in this movie. All aikidoka judge him on this and not his clips of him actually doing aikido at his school."

Why is he such a problem for you?

Many people said the same about Bruce Lee when he started doing movies, jealousy? ego? It's a shame they never trained with him. Some people just do not like others that are successful. So much for ego-less aikidoka.


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