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Bruce Baker
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practice, doing it wrong to get it right.


How many of you release your holds, or give a more gentle practice, that is not technically correct, to get a newcomer or partner to "go with the flow" without causing injury?

I know there are a few of us gorrilla's out there who try to play nice with other Aikidoka and we have mentioned this in a variety of forum threads. We tend to do practice wrong to allow our partner to get the feel of our size or weight, and in doing this we slow down, allow more slack than need be to accomandate either the beginner, or our partner to get the feeling of movement so they can rise to the more technically efficient level?

We were doing Kaitenage the other day, and I found myself in one of those take out all the slack, but you have to give uke more room to learn situations.

In effect, it was doing practice the wrong way to allow learning to happen and not the old "being beaten about like a red headed step child" syndrome.

I just thought my observation of the varying degree's of loosening, or going with the movements of the everpresent newcomers was worth a thought or two in its value to both the more experience practitioner, and the new comer who is trying to get into the rythm of Aikido.

Maybe because by the end of class the new guy was resigned to a more moderate resistence that went with the practice when I actually used no strength. He went three feet fartherthan the previous round as I felt he was going too far with the my no strength throw and had to shorten his throw by restraining myself in the middle of my effort?

This ever happen to you?
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