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empty your cup, then practice

Traditionally in Asia, those who studied any art, began with meditation. They were serious students. But it seems that these days, even in Asia, such a concept is being lost.

Stopping all those neurons in the brain from firing every which-way and getting them to focus on the task at hand seems to be the quickest way to learn a complex skill. But people, these days, don't even have the patience to sit down for five minutes and clear their mind. These self-centered individuals want instant gratification; they want "instant aikido," but they don't want to do their homework. They don't want to follow instructions and suggestions because they "don't have the time." And when they get frustrated, they cry, they complain, they blame the teacher, they blame their classmates, and they even blame themselves, but they still don't do anything about it because they're insincere and they're lazy.

In the end, Darwin was right the fittest do survive; and the wannabes, sooner or later, just fade away. Good riddance, I say. The sooner the better. Such individuals just waste everybody's time. And time is the single most precious commodity in the world.

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