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Hi Peter,
Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
An environment is created to teach in this case Aikido and the student adapts to it. The more sucessfully they adapt the more easily they learn what's being taught. I guess the adaptation is the learning to learn.
Perhaps, but I'm not completely convinced at this point. Maybe the "sink or swim" method in aikido works some of the time, but I think there ought to be a better way.

I don't like using analogies, but what would you think, say, if such were the approach in your daughter's elementary school? In other words, what sort of environment does the teacher create for the students to learn? What kind of "study habits" do they instill for the students to learn well?

In the same way as one can learn better "study habits" in college (ie not just skimming the chapters on organic chemistry while attending the football game in winter but, rather, going through the material in a me), I wonder if there "training habits" that one can cultivate in students to help them along better?

Thanks for all of the thoughts, folks. As people here have said, this just might be a personal matter in that it may differ from individual to individual. But, it's still something I'm chewing on...

-- Jun

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