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Aiki is not religion.

Aiki is not action of aikido practice.

Aiki is not action in everyday life.

In fact aiki is not an action by itself.

Aiki is a principle of life. Unbounded by religion, techniques, or physical means. But it could be reflected upon by anything that we do.

The best example of aiki that I usually use when explaining to people is listening, not just hearing. It is easy to hear people talk, but it is quite hard to listen. I still have that problem until today.

When somebody speaks, don't stare at them, look at them, not necessarily at the eyes, but focus on the speaker. Give the speaker your undivided attention. Feel what the speaker wants to communicate to you, don't ignore the speaker.

Aiki is a state of being. When one is in aiki, let's say with the speaker, one is in connection with the other. Do you ever have the feeling when you're talking to someone, everything just "clicks", that you and the speaker are on the same "wavelength" that you could speak for hours and hours without the sense of time. You are in aiki with that person, you are making a connection.

There are steps in aiki:
  1. Aiki with oneself - being of one mind/spirit and body.
  2. Aiki with others - such as in making connections in communications, taking care of others, etc.
  3. Aiki with the surroundings/nature - still have problems with number 1 and 2, cant' explain this one.
  4. Aiki with the universe - beyond my comprehension.
  5. Since I'm a muslim, I also believe being in aiki with the Creator - way beyond my comprehension.

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