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It is a rare bird of a dojo that can be run full-time with the dojo supporting the teacher. I know of several, and they are exceedingly good dojos. I think of Chiba Sensei in SanDiego (one of the founders direct students), of Yamada Sensei in New York (same as Chiba Sensei), and a handfull of other Shihan. Donovan Waite Sensei also has a full-time dojo and he's marvelous. I personally don't know of many others. It certainly seems to me that the caliber of their teaching warrants a full scale, full time dojo. Many others would like to do so, but simply don't have the breadth of knowledge and experience to do so, or the financial wherewithall to withstand the lean years. I know many teachers who have been training 30-years or more who are excellent, but have full-time jobs and teach aikido in the evenings and weekends and struggle to keep their dojos afloat. I think these are the majority. It would be terrific to see more dojos be able to be full-time, and to support their teachers, in particular those with the creditials and experience to warrant it.
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