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I have two thoughts on this, Jun.

The first is the importance of having respect for the amount of time it takes to learn some things. Everyone understands that it takes a few years to learn how to play the violin at even a passable level and a few years to learn to 'do' AiKiDo. People tend to have less appreciation for the amount of time it takes to learn some more cognitive skills. Calculus takes time to 'sink in' for many people and nothing substitutes for the time and practice they need. Learning to learn and watch AiKiDo also seems to me to take time, just like learning the AiKiDo itself.

The other thought I had was that, just as we teach the AiKiDo primarily by example, I strive to teach the learning-to-learn primarily by example. By being open about my own learning process, the things I'm thinking about and wondering about, the things I'm paying attention to, I hope that I communicate my own process of learning. Some students may find that a helpful model although, of course, others will go their own way.

Yours in Aiki
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