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Bruce Baker
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Damn! 100? That all?

I am up to 100 leg lifts.

I guess I will have to slow down to stretch situps out ... been doing that 100 under ten minutes.

How about ...

If you can't say anything nice about Bruce you must train with Bruce for one week ....OWIE-ZOWIE!

Now that could be a painful way to express humor?

short story....

A new guy, who was so stiff he falling like a tree, went with me on tuesday class. On thursday he went with Chet, our 72 year old sensei who likes to train rather than teach. I ask the guy who was more painful to train with, me or Sensei Chet?

The little 135 pound/72 year old man was a lot more painful to learn from.

Now that Chet has put the torque on 'em, I can take practice up another notch without being the bad guy.

Ya see? Just because I look like a gorilla doesn't mean I can't be gentle .... when I want to be.

Bruce hungry ....

Feed me..... Where is my banana!
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