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Bruce Baker
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Castles, churches, nature

The clarity of seeing what is, verses the storys that come about as evolution of telling tales of Beowulf in the tavern or about the fire, are exactly the crux of what I am talking about.

The Last book of the Bible, Revolations, is not the result of looking ahead to see the future, but looking behind, seeing the events of the past in their reality or story form and extrapolating the future with dreams and fears.

Earthquakes, meteors, floods (Hollander's should understand the nature of floods), and other natural disasters that are slanted to be the wrath of god or the work of the devil ... I guess they would be for those caught up in the disaster, wouldn't they?

Don't you guys have a learning channel, or history channel on your televisions over there? Shows about the natural disasters of the past and their causes, be it volcano, earthquake, flood, etc?

Never mind.

Simple object comparison of daily life then.

Circle ... sun, moon, eggs, drops of water, wheels, etc etc

Triangles ... smallest type of support structure, mountains, plants (in most cases grow in a triangle of some sort, pine trees being a prime example), pyraminds type structures, etc, etc.

Square ... next evolvement of structure from four lines, containers, surrounding structures, marching formation, forts, barricades, easiest manner of attack for armys that can't count to five cause they have lost a finger .. oops.

.... didn't find that funny? I did.

I can't help it. I am tired of being an adult, having children suck the youth out of me. It is time for retirement, time to become a child again. Jabs of humor being the test of both your intellect and mine, especially as it slips away with old age, I enjoin you to get out of your so serious stance of pursueing scholarly knowledge without applying it in a common sense manner.

Infinity movement, or symbol for infinity? Two cirlces connected together making a figure eight?

How about this monitor for your computer?

Millions of dots that make objects appear as any shape you can imagine by telling the mind that the conglomeration of dots is another shape.

Illusion? Or perception? Or imagination working overtime?

Aikido, and life, is so much more than our interpretation of humanitys domination of nature and natural forces of nature. The explanation is not always adequete for the actions, and the actions are not always determined by

It sure is easier to put actions into simple terms that make thought and action work together, isn't it?

I think we should take this conversation over to the spiritual forum.

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