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So far, the dojos that I train in, don't have the luxury of time. All the training places that I've been in are actually not permanent dojos. We time share with other activities (e.g.: university auditorium). Therefore, beginner or not, the classes are mixed. We also don't have that many yudanshas in Indonesia either.

Unless there is somebody that is completely new, that person will get special attention. We don't have a specific registration period, so new students could enroll at any time. Sensei will usually asks a senior, usually 3rd kyu and above, to be the training partner for that person. If there is quite a number of them, the senior will be leading a "discussion group" if I could call it that.

When showing a technique, Sensei will usually show it at three levels, let's call it shoden, chuden, and okuden.
  1. For beginners, the shoden technique is very basic and taught in a step-by-step movement, quite technical. The beginners are still very new and sensei wouldn't want to confuse them.
  2. For the rest, the chuden level is shown. It is more flowing and more aiki. Form is still important, but movement must not be broken. Flow is a must.
  3. Okuden, aiki waza, is usually shown for reference. It is formless and still retains the main principle. Students are welcomed to try it out.

In other words, all the students, wether beginner, intermediate, or yudansha will be doing the same technique, except at different levels of understanding.

Usually for students first 8 lessons (first 4 weeks), they are separated from the group for the first hour, with a senior leading them. During the first hour, they are usually taught ukemi, tenkan-kaiten, basic attacks, basic joint locks, etc. After that, they have to learn it as they go along.

I've written too long already. I'm just writing the same thing over and over again. Must be getting boring. I'll stop now.

Thank you and...


in advance, just in case I'm not posting for the next week or two...

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