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Class Structure

After training last week, Sensei called all of his senior students (1st kyu and above)together to talk to them about next year's training priorities and some ideas about how to structure the class in terms of teaching responsibilities.

Sensei is keen to focus his teaching on the Senior students with some of the senior students assisting him in teaching intermediate and beginner students. He floated a few ideas for us to discuss and think about. Here are the ideas so far:

- First, separate classes for Yudansha and 1st Kyu vs Intermediate and Beginners.
- Second, having senior students (on a rotational basis) take Intermediates and Beginners during the classes.
- Third, have senior students train with beginners and intermediates for half the class and then for the other half allow the senior grades to train together with one of the Senior grades helping the beginners and intermediates so sensei can focus on the Senior students.
- Fourth, schedule additional classes for beginners and intermediates only with one of the Senior students taking the class.
- Fifth, encouraging studens to train at other dojos.

Given that we sometimes get close to 35 people on the mat, Sensei is finding it difficult to get to all people in the class to give them the attention that they deserve. Since sensei does this out of love of aikido (he doesnt get paid for it) and with his other commitments, he isnt able to personnaly teach additional classes but he wants to make sure that when his senior student teach, they are teaching properly and correctly. So we have to find a way of using the time we already have to the best effect.

Apologies for the long winded explanation but does anyone else have any ideas or comments about how best to structure a teaching session so that all people get the benefit of Sensei's experience during the class. Perhaps you might wish to talk about what happens at your dojos. Ultimately I would like to suggest ways that all grades have the experience and instruction from sensei in some form or another.

Thank you for reading this long dissertation and all the best for training. Merry Christmas to all

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